Thursday, 12 February 2015

Frizzle Chickens in Art

I love the appearance of frizzle chicken. They're so happy looking!

See if you can spot this gorgeous gal in some of my paintings.


  1. I had to comment after stumbling across your page after a friend on facebook shared about a Bridgetown illustrator going global and I thought that was rather cool having spent half my childhood growing up on a farm in Bridgetown. Then I saw this, my favourite chicken - but we called them frazzle chooks and we used to tell our city visitors they were like that because they got an electric shock. I didn't know they were actually called frizzle chickens - they were quite friendly and the little baby chicks used to sit on my shoulder. So lovely to see them have a moment in art and such lovely illustrations. Thanks for the memory, makes me wish I could be back on the farm.

  2. Good to hear from a former Bridgetowner. The frizzle chickens are such great chooks - good mothers and so 'goofy' in their appearance. Personally I prefer your word 'frazzle'!