Monday, 22 December 2014

Rickety House - Expressive Line Work

The system of loose, scribbly drawing is really growing on me with this new image embracing the system.

It enables a pure expressive line to glide across the page with untamed progress.

I've used this system of drawing over the last eight years but I just seem to be enjoying it's unpredictability even more so in these recent months.

In this drawing I've used both loose and controlled line work.

Loose and explorative pencil work

The ink is laid in using the pencil lines beneath as mere guidelines

Monday, 15 December 2014

Christmas Alpacas - Sepia Nighmare!

Working on a Christmas alpaca painting.

After the initial pencil layout I made a dangerous move by outlining the picture in a sepia toned medium. This is because this medium smudges a lot!

Even with a coating of fixative spray the sepia tends to smudge. So if I apply watercolour and the painting result is a muddied mess of sepia then this may be the last you ever see of it...

I love a challenge!