Sunday, 5 October 2014

Creating Colour Harmony in Artwork

I want to share an element of painting I find so crucial to the success of an artwork. It's establishing the base colour.

This is nothing ground breaking. It's promoted in most art technique books. Yet for some reason many beginner painters often ignore this very important step. Maybe because it's not as interesting as painting the hair on a character or adding flowers in the grass. But without establishing the base palette the artwork can take on a disjointed appearance.

For an example I thought I would use 'Fox Shop' - a painting I created a couple of years ago. This demonstrates a very strong contrast in a warm/cool relationship.

Initially I painted a warm base in Winsor and Newton Light Red (this would be the glow from the fire and possibly an overhead lamp).

While the paint was still wet I brought in Winsor and Newton Light Turquoise for the cool areas (the morning light from the door). Painting wet into wet helped the two colours to merge.

That's it! Simple!

Above I've laid these two base colours on top of the original artwork to demonstrate the effect more dramatically.

After that no matter what colour I applied, the base coat would shines through maintaining the harmony of the image.

This same technique can be seen in many of my paintings such as 'Midnight Cat', 'Dream Flying' and 'Medieval Arist.'

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  1. Fantastic! Congratulations! I really like the drawings.