Sunday, 15 December 2013

The Tree of Many Faces....

...And so ends a hectic weekend of markets.

Travelling between two festivals I managed to clock up over 1200km! During that time I dodged one kangaroo and a couple of rabbits while obliterating a population of suicidal bugs and butterflies.

Saturday was an enjoyable day at Denmark market with several thousand people turning out to support the stallholders. Arriving back in Bridgetown at 9pm last night I was up at 2am this morning for an enjoyable market day in Fremantle.

During these two days I managed to knock out a bit of drawing and painting. Denmark and Freo weaved their hippy spell and made me doodle out this rather detailed drawing. Entwined in this drawing are roughly nine personified heads. I say roughly because the more you look at this scene the more faces seem to appear....what is in that Denmark/Freo water??

I’m back in Denmark in the New Year - January 4th. Make sure you pencil the date in your diary

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