Saturday, 23 November 2013

Up to the Perth Royal Show 2014

As the Bridgetown Agricultural Show draws to a close I'm honoured to be representing Bridgetown at the Perth Royal Show 2014 for the 8th time in a row! Crazy!

First time I got the privilege was at the tender age of fifteen. On attending the awards for the first time the artists and sponsors treated me with a little patronisation.... Who wouldn't to a kid at an adult's State art award. Happily I took home second place!

I didn't receive another award there until 2012 where I took first place for a landscape in oils - the day before my 21st :)

For 2014 I have a small watercolour and gouache that will be representing Bridgy... It's a personal favourite of mine as it depicts a scene I've seen my entire life - a sunset through a set of pear trees that are the final survivors of an old orchard from yesteryear.