Friday, 19 July 2013


Been a while since I last an excuse I blame work. I've been religiously working on the finishing and revising illustrations for a title released through Walker Books.

Last weekend also saw another successful Balingup's 'Telling Tales' event. With an increase in children participating in writing, illustration and storytelling workshops - run by children's book writers and illustrators. The vibe was really positive.

I ran several illustration workshops, admiring much of the work produced by some extremely talented kids. Unfortunately it is also sad to see many kids imaginations are limited - possible due to rare participation in creativity...

During 'Telling Tales' I also found time to give art demonstrations throughout the day. This was mainly concentrated into this piece, 'Gnomesville'. Painted in watercolour and gouache over ink.

Greeting cards are available at Creations in a Teapot.

The original is also for sale, please contact me directly for further details :)


  1. You made a fantastic piece of art there!
    I can agree with you that most kids have a limited imagination, but once you make them get going several time, i think it will improve! So keep going with such workshops ;)

    Are gouache colours any different to watercolours?

    1. Thanks....I'm glad you like it :)

      Unfortunately these type of workshops are one off 'tasters' and aren't regularly recurring. The trick is to plant a seed and hope the kids get enough inspiration from the workshop to continue nurturing their creativity.

      Gouache is made from the same pigments as watercolour but the process in making them is different. The result is a more opaque consistency to watercolour. I prefer using watercolour for the majority of work but gouache comes into its own when I need real darks or highlights :)

    2. Don't give up hope, who knows which kid you influence and ends up doing more creative works. You never know!

      I maybe I should give the gouache colours a try, , I like watercolours, but sometimes they aren't "strong" enough.

    3. That's why I began using gouache. Especially for illustrative work. It can really give body.
      Good luck :D