Sunday, 14 April 2013


A new greeting card - fresh off the easel!
Since starting out with my greeting card line in 2007 I've had design requests for all types of themes including elephants, camels, witches, death theme, homosexual fairies and many other items.
This theme I have finally brought to the range......goats...
After a brainstorm session with me and myself I came up with several ideas that were limited down to this one, simple, inoffensive title "Goatee"....It takes a look at the numerous beard designs goats exhibit on their chins.... The kid on the right represents every teenage bloke who attempts to breed as many hairs from the chin as possible to achieve a 'manhood' status!!
This design is available as a greeting card from my website, Creations in a Teapot.

The design process was as follows....the idea was created through a random sketch - seen below:

I then created numerous drawings of goats from photographs....studying eyes, facial layout, stance, beard types etc before the final painting was produced (seen above).

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