Saturday, 27 April 2013

Completed drawing - Fox Shop series

Work on the latest "Fox Shop" painting has taken it to the final stage as a drawing.
Having inked in all main areas I've firmly established the majority of details....Now the exciting part comes into play where I'll be selecting out a colour pallet for it....I'm excited to experiment with some ideas - due to the time displayed on the clocks in the picture I'm looking towards morning colours. Warmth to emulate from the fire while cooler colours will escape through the door and windows....

Friday, 26 April 2013

Sketchbook Extract....

Following on from the previous post - Stepping Into a New World - this is an extract from my sketchbook showing where the idea originated from....
Whenever I get a creative surge I'll occasionally channel it into a frenzy of thumbnail drawings in my sketchbook. These won't always be as detailed as the images seen below. Often they're merely a few lines that contain more information than a finished drawing could!!!

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Stepping Into a New World

Working on a new painting. This closely follows the theme seen in paintings - 'General Store', and 'Fox Shop'.
This time around I'm creating two children cautiously coming through the door of the shop, viewing a world that is unknown to them outside imagination.
The drawing is still incomplete with refinements and details to still needed.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Balingup Small Farm Field Day 2013....Closure

Spent an enjoyable day at the Small Farm Field Day, yesterday.
From my art stall I gave art demonstrations on four separate paintings - each individual painting was at different stages of completion.
Throughout the day I battled the surges of wind and threat of rain.....! But the sun finally emerged...on the drive home!

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Balingup Small Farm Field Day 2013

I'll be at the Balingup Small Farm Field Day this coming Saturday.
Throughout the day I'll be giving art demonstrations and displaying my greeting cards and prints.
One of the paintings I'll work on during the day is "Aussie Cooking" - an incomplete image that has been hidden in one of my portfolios since 2012....

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Dangerous Real Estate!

Fancy a house overlooking the ocean while balanced precariously on a rock? Imagine the wind conditions....!
This was sketched at the Yornup Centenary Celebration last week as a bit of fun....

House under the Cliff - Completed!

I completed "House under a Cliff" - see base pencil sketch under earlier post House Under the Cliff.
Swift, fluid strokes were used in sepia ink to establish the linear line work that dominates the picture .  This was overlaid with a simple, loose tints of raw umber, burnt umber, cobalt blue, Windsor blue and yellow ochre.
The resulting finish is almost abstract in appearance....

Sunday, 14 April 2013


A new greeting card - fresh off the easel!
Since starting out with my greeting card line in 2007 I've had design requests for all types of themes including elephants, camels, witches, death theme, homosexual fairies and many other items.
This theme I have finally brought to the range......goats...
After a brainstorm session with me and myself I came up with several ideas that were limited down to this one, simple, inoffensive title "Goatee"....It takes a look at the numerous beard designs goats exhibit on their chins.... The kid on the right represents every teenage bloke who attempts to breed as many hairs from the chin as possible to achieve a 'manhood' status!!
This design is available as a greeting card from my website, Creations in a Teapot.

The design process was as follows....the idea was created through a random sketch - seen below:

I then created numerous drawings of goats from photographs....studying eyes, facial layout, stance, beard types etc before the final painting was produced (seen above).

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Yornup Centenary Celebration - the outcome

I'm back from the Yornup Centenary Celebration!
As requested by the Yornup committee I painted a small painting of the Yornup Hall that'll be raffled off tonight.
I braved the wet and windy weather to sit in front of the hall amidst the crowds and knock out a sepia drawing that I finished off with several washes of burnt umber, raw umber, cobalt blue and yellow ochre.
A large number of people turned out for the celebration with people as far as NZ coming over especially for the occasion!!

Thursday, 11 April 2013

House Under a Cliff

I've been working hard all morning illustrating the fourth instalment in the Silly Gilly series - written by American author, Donna Frantz.
But I couldn't help in stirring my creativity by sketching another 'dream house' scene - see Treehouse and Evening Treehouse as previous examples....
Don't try and figure out what's keeping the house's a dream house remember....Structural realities don't apply ;)

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Step Aside, David Downton.....

I would love to claim that this image demonstrates a natural gift in fashion design....sadly it was sketched from a design at a festival. I know - I actually copied it!!!....In defence I was bored and looking for inspiration!
I reckon I should now break out with further designs to rival David Downton!!!! Seriously though, that guy is truly gifted in his field....I saw an exhibition of his work and it blew me away....the liveliness of his line work is astounding to see.....!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Yornup Celebrations

I'll be putting on my cowboy hat and heading to the small community of Yornup to take part in the centenary of their hall celebration this coming Saturday.
I'll display my work and paint - on site - a scene of the hall that will be raffled off later in the evening....hopefully they'll raise some money to help in renovating the building :)
Any support from the surrounding district would be appreciated....

Monday, 8 April 2013


One of the paintings I completed at the KickStart Festival is on a similar theme as "Meadow Fairies". It's based on a scene in Bridgetown, Western Australia.
Titled "Punishment", it was painted with a broad sable brush using vigorous strokes to achieve a lively combination of marks. The under-drawing was established with a dip pen giving variation to the lines.
I previously uploaded an incomplete version of this painting - please click here to view.
Greeting cards and archival prints (29.7 x 21cm) of "Punishment" are available through my website, Creations in a Teapot. The original painting is also available for purchase....please contact me directly at for further details and price.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

KickStart Festival's Success...

The KickStart Perth Festival went well yesterday. 
Many thanks to Propel Youth Arts for arranging the event.
Much talent was displayed by the stall holders - all aged under 26. Paintings, jewellery, clothes, craft, printmaking, freestyle rapping and dance, music and more... 
Over the next few days I'll upload some of the demonstration paintings I created at my stall :)
This poor photo (due to my camera that freaks out at night time photos) gives a representation of the festival as the evening dawdled in...

Thursday, 4 April 2013

KickStart Festival - Perth

I'll be having a stall at the KickStart Festival  at the Perth Cultural Centre this coming Saturday.
During the day I'll give art demonstrations and occasional portraits as well as selling my greeting cards, archival prints, children's books and original artwork.
Below is one of the images I'll be working - a depiction of an artist painting a woman while overlooking a spectacular view of the ocean.....seriously, an artist couldn't ask for more!!!

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Still Life with Apples & Mug

This little still life was created as a 'training' session for myself.
Still life's are great to practice form, colours and tonal valuations on. And as they don't charge by the hour I can keep them up for weeks! If fauna is involved then it's an interesting process to paint the steps of decay.
This sketch was created with watercolour washes over  loose pencil drawing.