Sunday, 3 March 2013

Nannup Music Festival

I was at the Nannup Music Festival over the weekend with an art stall.
Heard some incredible music artists including a busker with the notoriously elusive instrument the Hang (a Switz made instrument that resembles an upside down wok!).
I even managed to paint several images and sketches during the two days. Some of the sketches I gave to kids. A couple that I held onto are below.
This spirit was painted in a response to the 'hippy' vibe of the festival.

A LOT of children busking down the street which was great to see! Kids singing, playing random instruments, waving banners and doing handstands! Some were earning a tidy sum. Especially the little fella I sketched here - he was about four and didn't have a clue how to play. Yet with big cute eyes he was raking the cash in!!

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