Thursday, 21 March 2013

A Halloween Horror!

This painting was a demonstration piece painted over several festivals.

Please note it stars myself as the skeleton cranking up my JVC Boom Blaster!!! 

This painting began life as an ink drawing, a base coat was established in cobalt blue before being heavily smothered with watecolour, gouache and coloured inks. Colour pencil was then scumbled over some of the areas to create speckles of pure hue. 


  1. Love your artwork. Found you through Jacqueline Nicoll and then Pick-A- Woo Woo. I have a small blog about Australian Picture Books for early childhood and would love to feature one of the books you have illustrated that has an Aussie author. Which one do you suggest. I will add this site of your to my list of illustrator's sites. Also where can we buy your greeting cards?

    1. Thanks for your interest, Lesley :)
      Majority of my illustration work for Australian authors have been through Pick-a-Woowoo.
      Books include The 'Star Who Lost Her Sparkle' by Trica Lee, 'Jebediah & the Book of Love' & 'Herbie & the Tune' both by Brad Kyle. These can be located on my website
      I'm also working on a book for Walker Books Australia but unfortunately it won't be out until 2014.
      I'd be very happy if you'd feature a book on your site. Any information you need let me know :)
      Regards - Gabriel

  2. P.S. Just forund your card site