Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The Elves & the Cobbler

Recently painted a commission for a quaint little shop in Bridgetown - 'The Cobbler's Wife'. It's a gift shop front for a cobbling business. The cobbler uses an old fashioned sewing machine that I took great pains to replicate in the painting.
Below are the significant steps I took to complete the painting

1. The preliminary sketch achieving the overall composition of the painting.

2. After alterations in the preliminary stage I take the image to the final drawing on watercolour paper - hot pressed 300gsm. I ruled in the correct perspective lines and established minor details. At this stage I'm limited to pencils ranging from HB - 4B.

3. The painting is brought to conclusion in colour. Although the majority of the painting is in watercolour there is the inclusion of bodycolour and coloured pencil for highlights.

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