Saturday, 8 September 2012

Jebediah & the Book of Love

The latest book I've illustrated has been realeased!!

Written by Brad Kyle, a Melbourne author, 'Jebediah and the Book of Love' is the second title we've collaborated on - the first being 'Herbie and the Tune'.

"Set in the mythical land of Lovenia, this beautiful story - as told by a Grandfather to his sad Grandson - tells of a special book that magically becomes imprinted with every thought, feeling and action of the local townsfolk. As the miracles unfold, Jebediah ultimately discovers that the Book of Love is, in fact, within each of us. It is our heart."

Retails for $14.95.

An enjoyable book to illustrate with plenty of artistic license. Below are the three steps taken to achieve the final painting.

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